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written by Black Dragon, 07.07.2015 14:42 in Patch Notes 184.0

Current Version: 184.0

* Finally fixed the last erroneous "No Nearby Foundation" issue when trying to build walls etc. Thanks PhysX :-P
* Metal Spike Walls now have correct structure damage type (weak metal rather than "wood"), and have correct scaled destruction mesh
* The absolute max inventory limit of 200 items has been raised to 300, and is now respected to avoid losing items when transferring between inventories
* Blueprints can no longer stack (wasn't intended to). any that are currently stacked will still be stacked, you won't lose any, but you can't re-stack them.
* Players can now choose to display chat as "[CharacterName][TribeName]:Chat" (the new default) or [SteamName[CharacterName]:Chat"
* Improved the look of Stone Materials underground, improved metal Materials
* Added "Craft All" button that will craft-queue as many instances of a blueprint/engram as the inventory has resources for.
* Minor client GPU performance improvement
* 40second cooldown on bloodpack usage, 30 minute spoiling time time (in a fridge it's 100x of course)
* Gates are now considered "core" structures and thus you can't build next to "enemy" gates anymore
* You can, ahem, no longer pickup the Broodmother with flyers wink
[ More Notes Incoming ]

ARK Dev Kit:
* Updated ARK Dev Kit to include latest code & content, as well as improved built-in-Editor Steam Workshop Uploader
* ARK Dev Kit Game Data Override: Create your own survival game with total capability to override the core "gamedata" of ARK in your mod: everything can then be changed, from Engrams to Items to Character States to Dossiers.
* Mod makers can now override the minimap and spawn regions
* Mods can now force the player to spawn-in rather than displaying the respawn map


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