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written by Black Dragon, 12.07.2015 23:11 in Patch Notes 185.62

Current Version: 185.62
* Increased timeout on clients to reduce DC's from server
* Fixed an issue with server saving that could cause mass DC's
* Made client movement on structures much better in sync with the server (requires server update), and fixed wrong-rotation of characters when walking on certain structures
* Fixed duplicate lines of chat returned in RCON "getchat" command


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Vince Young could miss 2-4 weeks, so when that
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So expect the receiving core to obtain a big boost if right here is
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Holding Taylor and Jones-Drew with total of 33 yards rushing?

Knowing they can stop the run will just set up more DBs against Palmer.

Dallas proved that their defense is about
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This being said, the Eagles left the Rams wondering what the hell just happened
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The key here is realizing simplicity that McNabb and company disposed of St.
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Just like the Cleveland loss last year, this game should serve as a
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I predicted this team (and Ochocinco) would struggle out of the gate, and
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Everyone will blame the defense for this loss,
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Based by the book by E.B. White, this charming musical a little guy
underdog that determined to live in a real people's world
will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone. Cats, cars and ships
are only a few from the challenges that Stuart faces in his quest turn out
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Joseph Robinette dramatized this adorable production with music by
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Stuart Little will captivate audiences with its positive energy and philosophy.

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Day after day and age when our political leaders regularly
return to on their word or forget that which you said to get elected, it's refreshing observe Bon Jovi keep his word for finding a promise created in an american city he wasn't
even born in.

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