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written by Black Dragon, 12.07.2015 23:12 in Patch Notes 186.0

Upcoming Version: 186.0
Sunday night EST

* Industrial Multi-Grill!
* Two new tripwire traps:audio alarm and gas bomb!
* Audio-Alarm Away & Offline raiding notifications, Phase 1!
* Eggs for all animals and circle-of-life 'Taming Efficiency' boosting per-dino Egg-Kibbles!
* Customizable Bandwidth setting for players to choose a bandwidth appropriate to their own connection. Can further improve structure-streaming speed, if you have sufficient bandwidth to handle it as a client. (Can also eliminate any remaining DC's if you reduce it and you're on a lower bandwidth connection.)
* Various Bug fixes and balancing improvements and misc functional improvements, details to come!
* Improved AMD Shadow flickering fix


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